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Your swimming pool is an investment that requires protection. Without the right products, advice & maintenance, you could find yourself in need of assistance quickly. At Martin Pools our professional staff is ready to help keep your pool sparkling year-round.Kerry Martin Pool Builders, Inc. has an office location equipped to help you with everything from consulting on renovations and upgrades, to replacing parts and servicing repairs on your equipment. With over 45 years of experience, our staff is prepared to troubleshoot any problem you could possibly run into.We know our relationship only begins when we build your pool. It’s our mission to maintain it in a way that keeps you happily returning for years to come.


A renovation or even a small upgrade can have a dramatic impact on the look and performance of an older swimming pool. Much like a home renovation, the changes that can be made to your pool are endless.Our master craftsmen can change the shape of your pool or deck, add features like spas, seating or water features and upgrade pumps, heaters and salt systems to equip your pool with the latest technology and safety features available.Whether you have recently moved into a new home with an existing pool or your needs have changed since your swimming pool was built, Kerry Martin Pool Builders, Inc. can re-imagine and invigorate your pool to ensure beauty & function for years to come.
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Warranty information


Kerry Martin Pool Builders, Inc. prides itself on partnering with the top manufacturers and vendors in the pool industry. Not only do they stand by their own workmanship, the professional staff at Martin Pools is available to assist you in understanding the warranties provided to you by your pool’s individual manufacturers. You can rest assured that your investment is protected.

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To find out more about warranties and guarantees provided by Martin Pools contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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