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Kerry Martin Pools
About Kerry Martin Pools
For more than 45 years, Kerry Martin Pool Builders, Inc has served clients across North East Florida. In that time they have customized projects on all types of terrain, installing superior pools in countless shapes and sizes.Rising above the competition Martin Pools employs 2 licensed members that collectively hold over 65 years of experience. These are not your average pool salesmen, these are Master Tradesmen in the pool industry.

Serving All of North East Florida

  • Baker County, FL
  • Clay County, FL
  • Duval County, FL
  • Nassau County, FL
  • St. Johns County, FL
  • Fernandina Beach, FL
  • St. Augustine Beach, FL
Meet Kerry Martin, Owner

Meet Kerry Martin, Owner

In 1979 when Kerry Martin started his company he stood by one guiding principle, “Whatever you promise, whatever you say, just do it. Be a person of your word, even when telling the truth doesn’t make the customer happy, because in the long run it’s the right thing to do.” It’s a motto that still serves him well even after 45 years. Kerry is constantly honored by stories from clients who have come back to tell him, years later, about cherished family memories that were made around their swimming pools. “That’s special. That’s why big companies don’t make it in the pool business, they’re money driven. It never has worked and it never will.” Even after all this time, Kerry Martin is still excited about the pool industry. He believes that when you appreciate the pool industry, swimming pools become an art form and his canvas is the client’s backyard. “Combine that with family, and this business is priceless.” As far as the future holds, he knows that his son, Kyle Martin, will follow those same principles that have worked for him since the beginning and success will follow.

Meet Kyle Martin, President/Owner

Meet Kyle Martin, President/Owner

Having grown up in the pool industry, Kyle Martin combines years of hands-on experience with a fresh perspective. His pursuit of the field’s latest technologies, combined with time-tested building methods, has given Martin Pools an edge to keeping up with the most current swimming pool design trends and innovations. “My goal is to preserve the legacy my father created while continuously learning new techniques, allowing our company to grow for future generations.” From a very young age, Kyle knew that he wanted to make pool construction his life’s work. “Growing up in the pool industry, I have met lots of people that would eventually become another family to me. The way swimming pools can change lives and bring people together has humbled me as a professional, and I am grateful for the principles that this industry has instilled in me.”

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