Polaris Days Sales Event

Polaris Days sales start april 5-6th For Big savings on all Zodiac Products

Our retail staff will be accompanied by the Manufactures Reps. from Zodiac to give a unbias, friendly evaluation of your machine. All the ways you as the homeowner are able to improve the life of your existing cleaner. Their goal is to increase the efficiency and ease of your Polaris cleaner. At the same time we will be holding sales on each type of Polaris model including the new quattro pressure style cleaner.

This event will be held at our beautiful showroom on the 5-6th of April with extended hours to not leave any of our valued customers out.

Contact information including phone number, (Store address) please refer to the contact page:https://jacksonvillepoolcontractor.com/contact/

Like most of the Polaris days Sales will be on Cleaners However this year we are extending the sales to include Pumps, Filters, Heaters and lots more store items.